Why wireframing is so important

In our last hackathon we created a service for DYI makers with a success guarantee and customer satisfaction. Time was to short to build a prototype. So I made some homework and made this step.

I’m stuck somehow. Maybe your feedback can help me. Remember our user persona’s flow? (See the first picture below) I sketched a storyboard for a mobile app and checked here again the user flow. Now I recognized: It is quite similar to other learning tools and platforms like the IDF website or the ingenious Py app: Choose a challenge, fulfill steps, get rewarded by a progress bar, and find yourself on the leaderboard. I’m confused. Is this it? It doesn’t look as innovative as we supposed it to be. But this is an important finding. And who said it has to be innovative? The question is: Does it help the user to achieve his goal? Please test yourself

Screencast of our click dummy

Overflow on desktop

storyboard with four frames

Same experience on a mobile device

storyboard of the mobile experience in four steps

Test this prototype yourself

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